Vardan Ovsepian is an Armenia-born pianist/composer whose studies include Yerevan State Conservatory, Estonian Music Academy, Helsinki Jazz Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music. 

Performs solo as well as with artists such as Mick Goodrick, Peter Erskine and Jerry Bergonzi. 

In addition to teaching at The Musical Suite in Newburyport, MA, performed and taught master classes at Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, Maine Jazz Camp (ME), Towson University (MD), Susquehanna University (PA), Bucknell University (PA), Wheeler School (RI), Estonian Music Academy (Tallinn, Estonia), Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (Chennai, India), CalArts (CA).

Vardan has released 5 CDs with “Fresh Sound New Talent” label, plus independent releases of VOCE - Vardan Ovsepian Chamber Ensemble (2006 and 2013). Recent works include a publication of a book “Mirror Exercises”, a release of Peter Erskine New Trio album “In Praise of Shadows” and a duet album "Hand in Hand" with Tatiana Parra.

Presently Vardan resides in Los Angeles.



   Vardan Ovsepian

  627 Orange Grove Avenue, #6

Glendale CA 91205

617.688.6956 (mobile)




1997-2000 Berklee College of Music - Boston, MA

Professional Diploma

Major in Piano Performance

1995-1997 Helsinki Jazz Conservatory - Helsinki, Finland

Major in Piano Performance

1994-1995 Estonian Music Academy - Tallinn, Estonia

Classes in Contemporary Classical Composition

1992-1994 Yerevan State Conservatory - Yerevan, Armenia

Major in Classical Composition

1990-1992 Romanos Melikyan College of Music - Yerevan, Armenia

Major in Music Theory

1982-1989 Junior Music School - Yerevan, Armenia

Performance Diploma

Major in Piano Performance and Music Theory


Berklee College of Music; Boston MA (November 2014)

Composition masterclass for the professional writing division

Berklee College of Music; Boston MA (November 2014)

Workshop about the “art of duo” for the voice department

Cambridge School of Weston; Weston MA (November 2014)

Composition masterclass

Beijing Contemporary Music Academy; Beijing, China (October 2014)

Small ensemble performance skills (Peter Erskine clinics), jazz piano and composition private instructions

Sacheon International Jazz Workshop: S. Korea (summer 2014)

Lectures on “finding your own voice”, jazz piano and composition private instructions, small ensemble performance skills

CalArts (substitute teaching): Los Angeles, CA (2010 – present)

Ensemble coaching, improvisation classes

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music: Chennai, India (fall 2010) 

Improvisation and composition classes, small ensemble performance skills

The Musical Suite: Newburyport, MA (2000 – 2009)

Classical and jazz piano private instructions, small ensemble performance skills

Maine Jazz Camp: Farmington, ME (2000-2008)

Improvisation and theory classes, small ensemble performance skills

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival: Fairbanks, AK (2004-2008)

Jazz piano and composition private instructions, small ensemble performance skills

Susquehanna University: Selinsgrove, PA (2006-07, 2007-08, 2014 -15 academic years)

Improvisation and theory classes, small ensemble performance skills

Bucknell University: Lewisburg, PA (2007-08 academic year)

Workshops on improvisation and composition

Wheeler Jazz Camp: Providence, RI (2006, 2007)

Improvisation and composition classes, small ensemble performance skills

Towson State University: Towson, MD (2004-05, 2005-06 academic years)

Improvisation and composition classes

Reviews and Articles

Review of Lighthouse by David Luhrssen 2014

O’s Place Jazz Magazine

Review of Lighthouse by Dr. Oscar Groomes 2014

Downbeat Magazine

Review of Akunc and Sketch Book, by Greg Buium; February 2005

The Boston Globe

Preview article of solo performance at Zeitgeist Gallery (Cambridge, MA), by Bill Beuttler; February 2005 

Review of Akunc, by Roman St. James; January 2005

The Boston Globe 

Article Beauty of Sketch Book Draws Attention to Local Pianist Ovsepian, by Bill Beuttler; March 2004

Keyboard Magazine

Article Mr. Goodchord Goes Keyboard, Part 2, by Mitch Haupers; January 2004

Cadence Building

Review of Sketch Book; July 2003

Portland Press Herald 

Review of November 30, 2002 concert at the Center for Cultural Exchange (Portland ME), 

by Steve Feeney; December 2002

Awards and Recognition 

First prize winner of Achava Award (Erfurt, Germany - 2017)

Full Berklee International Tour and Entering Student Scholarships 1997-2000

Liberace Award (merit scholarship), 1999

Edman Jazz Piano Competition in Hartford, CT (April 1998) First Prize (co-winner)

Armenian General Benevolent Union Grant, 1997-2000


- Peter Erskine New Trio “In Praise of Shadows” – 2016

- Hand in Hand (duet with Tatiana Parra) - 2016

- Lighthouse (duet with Tatiana Parra) - 2014

- Dreaming Paris Theme and Variations (VOCE) - 2013

- Now - 2012

- Chromaticity – 2012 

- Nocturnal Prophecy – 2011 

- Peter Erskine New Trio “Joy Luck” – 2011 

- “Mirror Exercises” – published in 2011

- VOCE (Vardan Ovsepian Chamber Ensemble) – 2006

Recordings on the Fresh Sound, New Talent label [Barcelona, Spain] include:

- Points North (Vardan Ovsepian Quintet) - 2013

- Aragast (Vardan Ovsepian Quartet) - 2006

- Akunc (Vardan Ovsepian Quintet) - 2004

- Sketch Book (Vardan Ovsepian Quintet) - 2002

- Abandoned Wheel (solo piano) – 2001


Fluent in English, Armenian and Russian


Available upon request